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  May 2021  
Home Design


            WFM Total Construction, LLC. is a leader in energy efficient design and construction.  If Passive Solar interests you then we can help.  Maybe you are interested in having minimal utility bills by utilizing the power of the sun.  We offer both Photo Voltaic and Solar Hot Water heat.  Conventional systems are also becoming more energy efficient and are now available with solar options.  If you are interested in Geo-Thermal contact us for more information.  For more answers to all your questions please send us an email or pick up the phone and give us a call.
            Now days more and more people want to design their own home.  Internet sites have popped up everywhere trying to help you design the home of your dreams.  Some sites have thousands of plans to choose from and will let you customize them prior to ordering the full set of plans.  If you find a set of plans but feel that you need to make changes to the layout then you need to talk to us about a Design/Build agreement.  This agreement lets you customize your home so that it is built around what you want and need.  It is no simple task to just move a wall on a pre-drawn set of plans and you can spend more than double the cost of a set of custom plans redrawing internet plans.

Why do you need so many sets of plans?

     Typical projects require at least 8 full sets of plans.  Everyone involved in the project is going to need a set of plans.  From suppliers to subcontractors, in order to get accurate cost estimates and quality work everyone is going to need detailed drawings and specifications.

Why is there a Change Order for such a small thing as changing the size of a door?

     If a homeowner decides to change the size of a door or similar item, even by a few inches it could interfere with electrical, plumbing, HVAC or a larger issue such as a support column.  Meeting with all the involved subcontractors takes time and ends up delaying the project and costing the homeowner more money in lost production.  This is one reason we like to have all the small things worked out before we ever break ground.

Should I hire an architect or other professional to help with the details?

     For people that don't have the time to deal with designing their home then yes, a professional is going to make the process much easier.  However, we can offer this service as a part of our Design/Build agreement.

How many square feet should my home be?

     This is the BIG question!  How big is your family?  What is your budget?  Do you want each child to have their own room?  Do you want them to have a play room?  How old are they?  Will they outgrow the play area in just a few years?  Do you need a home office?  How about a home theater?  The list goes on and on, we make sure on our first visit to get all of the questions answered that will help in the design of your new home.

How much is this home going to cost?

     Every home is different, even homes that have the same floor plan can very in cost by many thousands of dollars.  Wood floors alone can range from $5 to $50/ sqft.  Everyone has their own idea of "just an average house, no builder can tell you what "the average house" costs.  There are too many variables to price a house off of a floor plan.  Beware of a builder that tells you "it is going to cost $xxx/sqft to build this house.  Price is based upon decisions that you make during the design interview process.  Most custom homes are built on either a Cost-Plus-Fee or Percentage agreement.  While many are built using a Fixed Price contract the latter only works well when the design process has made the specific decisions necessary to make the agreement work well for the parties involved.  Make sure your builder puts his words in writing with a contract that spells out exactly how things are going to be handled.  The contract should include a "Spec Sheet" that details everything going into the house if you are signing a Fixed Price contract.  Do not rely on wording that states "average" or "normal" materials or work technique.  The contract should spell out exactly how all of these costs are figured and that you agree.  The contract should also outline how the entire process will be taken care of, including the warranty. 

     Not all homes are built the same, make sure that when you are comparing price that you are comparing the same house.  Homes can be built in a variety of ways, for every aspect of the process there are many ways to build.  From foundations and walls to roof structures and insulation.  Make sure that you get in writing what you are paying for, then when you have compared all the choices make your decision based on which home is going to work best for you now and especially in the future. 

The following are some suggestions for the design of your home:


Research the products you are wanting to use and then discuss them with the builder prior to your first meeting.

Don't be upset when you are told that the latest and greatest is not necessarily true.

Look at a lot of different designs.

Decide what will look good on your lot, will it go well with the surrounding homes.

Start deciding now what you want to use as finish materials, many materials require very specific foundation and framing requirements.  Avoid costly change orders later by making decisions early.

Go to home shows, home centers, flooring stores and other home display stores.  Get samples of everthing you like and get all the information for the products.  Keep this info in a binder with pictures of the samples to show to the builder.

Designing your own home is not as difficult as you may think, asking lots of questions is key.

     Good builders will point you in the right direction as to where to look at products.  If your builder can't provide you this you need to look for another builder.  Some builders will have a display area that showcases certain materials that they have used in the past.  Sometimes they give you only a few choices or only let you choose from a very limited selection of choices.  This is fine if you are buying a spec house and the house is already mostly complete.  However, if you are building a custom home then you need to be able to choose any product you like.  WFM Total Construction, LLC. takes care to make sure that you get the products that you want and not just what was available at the time.